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Allen, KB8MTZ

My name is Allen. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My hobbies are electronics, computers, amateur radio, tracking satellites and spending time with my family. My ham radio call is KB8MTZ. I enjoy fixing, operating and restoring old tube radio equipment. I also like building AM high power transmitters.

I work at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio. I work with the ATS-3 Communications Satellite. The satellite was launched from NASA's Cape Kennedy on November 5th, 1967 on top of an Atlas-Agena D launch vehicle. The satellite carried with it nine major experiments. Key experiments included the Multicolor Spin Scan Cloud Camera which provided the first full disk photos of Earth . It also provided the first satellite to aircraft communications over the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer of 1997, I traveled with Astronaut Chuck Brady and installed a satellite ground station at Tern Island Hawaii.

Allen and Astronaut Chuck Brady at Tern Island Hawaii

KB8MTZ Radio Collection

Audio Monitoring

RCA Modulation Monitor

AM Plate Modulated

Single 813 Homebrew Rig

AM Transmitter

Military Transmitter 2-18 MHz


AM Transmitter

Elmac AM Transmitter

Elmac A54

AM Transmitter



Our Dog


More of the Radio Collection


R-390A/URR Teledyne Systems 31856-PC-63

Hammarlund SP 600 Communications Receiver

Mammarlund HQ110A "VHF model"




Johnson Viking II AM Transmitter , 160-10 Meters -Two 6146's modulated by two 807's

Johnson Viking Model 122 VFO

Johnson Viking 6N2 Six and Two Meter Transmitter.


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