Radio Al's Repair and Resale

50+ years of experience in repairing, testing, and restoring.

We Sell Properly Restored Radios

With over 50 years of experience restoring and collecting amateur radio and test equipment, Radio Al is your trusted source for radios, restorations, test equipment, and NOS parts.

Radio Al's Repair and Resale

Your source for pristine ham radio restorations, tube amps, AM recievers, transmitters, transcievers, military radios, test equipment, meters, and more.

We offer a small, but carefully curated selection of amateur radio gear and parts for every collector. No matter if you're into AM, FM, Military, or Test Equipment, you’ll find a radio to fall in love with in our shop.

We've got you covered on properly restored radios and equipment. See the items from the collection that are for sale below.

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