Tektronics 564 Storage Oscilloscope (1963)

It’s easy to see why Tek 500 series ‘scopes now stir up nostalgic feelings of 1960s and 1970s ‘college & lab’ days. For one thing, they are incredibly solid builds compared to the current generation products with their plastic covers, rubber knobs and arcane texts on the screen. Add to that the massive weight (the 564 without plug-ins weighs in at 13.8 kgs / 30.5 lbs), the noise of the extractor fan (not on all models), the razor sharp image on the CRT screen, the famous plug-ins and the clic-clac feel and sound of the immense black and red controls on the front panel — and you have a non-erasable item in your memory.

New CRT installed in this vintage 564 scope. Clean and has been gone over replacing a few caps and testing all the tubes, many replaced.

IMG 0013

IMG 0011

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