Heathkit Seneca VHF-1 Six and Two meter AM / CW Transmitter.

Power Input:. 6 meters 140 watts CW, 120 watts Phone (peak) 2 meters 110 watts CW, 95 watts Phone (peak) Output Impedance:. 50-72 Q (non- reactive) Output Coupling: Link (coaxial) Operation: Crystal- VFO, CW-Phone Band Coverage: 50-54 MC, 144-148.3 MC Audio:. Screen modulated, controlled carrier Tube Complement: 5R4GY HV rectifier 5V4G LV rectifier OA2 voltage regulator 12AX7 speech amplifier 6DE7 modulator, carrier control 6AU6 VFO 6AN8 crystal oscillator-multiplier 2E26 driver 2-6146 push-pull power amplifier 6AQ5 clamp Power Requirements: 117 volts AC, 60 cycles Standby (phone, CW): 120 watts Full load (phone, CW): 400 watts (intermittent) Cabinet Size: . 16 5/8 M wide x 10 1/8" high x 10" deep Net Weight:. ; 50 lbs. Weight: 62 lbs.

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